Bridget Davey

About Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process psychotherapy draws on both Western and Buddhist understandings of human nature and experience. A bedrock to the work is the Buddhist premise that we are essentially free. Underlying our conditioned and sometimes restrictive belief in who we think we are lies a core state of being which is unconditioned; the source of our aliveness, well-being and sense of relatedness.

Psychotherapy provides a safe and supportive atmosphere where the work is in developing mindfulness around what is obstructing us from this innate health and sense of well-being. We begin to recognise the cause of our suffering. Experience is welcomed without judgment or appraisal.

How we hold onto our historic patterning affects the present. As obstructions begin to loosen, other possibilities emerge and a natural movement towards well-being is free to flow once more. This is an innate movement towards healing simply but beautifully stated by Eugene Gendlin when he writes:

"The sense of what is wrong carries with it, inseparably, a sense of the direction toward what is right."
(Gendlin, E. ‘Focusing’)

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