Bridget Davey

Bridget Davey is a fully accredited psychotherapist. She has an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy and is a registered member of both the UKCP and the Association of Core Process Psychotherapists (ACPP). In addition to her established private practice in South East London she was recently invited to join 'Mind-Reframed', a small group of practitioners offering psychological and mindfulness services to clients in central London.

Clients may bring a wide variety of concerns ranging from depression, bereavement, difficulties in relationship, to physical, existential or spiritual crises. Supported by her own contemplative practice she aims to work in an inclusive and non-discriminatory way, holding the client's process with compassion and respect. Sometimes a client needs simply to be ‘seen’; an opportunity to be received unconditionally, without judgment.

Whilst enquiring into the nature of the client’s distress, an integral aspect of her work is to also acknowledge the client’s resources. This provides an important foundation and brings balance to the enquiry.

Ultimately Bridget wishes to support each of her clients in finding their own direction; a gentle and committed presence accompanying them upon their path towards healing and integration.